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Finance Equation Ltd are multi-award-winning Chartered Certified Accountants providing cutting-edge expert services to individuals, property investors, businesses and contractors.

We specialise in serving small, medium and large companies. We understand our clients’ needs and are passionate about providing the right advice and expertise to save you money.

Our award-winning industry knowledge has resulted in awards by AI Global and the Corporate Vision Magazine Corporate Excellence award.

Our packages are competitive and are designed to help businesses grow, prosper and fulfil their potential. We take pride in providing smart, professional solutions designed for the modern world of business.

Our Popular Services

Tax Consultancy

With over 30 years’ experience of providing complete financial solutions to businesses, property investors and sole traders, we are experts in saving you money.

Cloud Services

Our expert cloud accountants will get you to near 100% paperless, give you faster and better financial reporting allowing you to manage your business better.


We provide support with the management of small and large e-commerce businesses, including planning and support at the start up stage.

Amazon FBA Sellers

Our expert Amazon Seller Accountants and eCommerce Accountants will help you to transform your financial admin, free up your time and reduce stress.

Business Accounting in Essex

Managing your financial data requires efficient management by experienced specialists. The process can often appear to be complicated which is why it is important to ensure that your business requirements are taken care of so that you can focus on your business.

For instance, management reports can help you to make decisions on managing your business. We oversee the development of these reports as well as the production of cash flows, forecasts and asset registers.

We also take ownership of your systems to ensure that your business is managed with a forward-thinking view. This enables us to ensure that your business has the right processes in the place to succeed.

As well as receiving a professional and personal experience from our experienced team, we ensure that your data and VAT are assessed and submitted on time.

Whether you are looking to for a new company or require business planning advice, we use our expertise to provide the solutions you require.


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Our Specialist Online Accountancy Solutions

We specialise in offering the latest online solutions to our clients as it is the most efficient method to manage a business. The ‘Cloud’ basically means you are managing your finances online.

Whether you are a business owner or contractor, managing your data in tools such as Quickbooks or Xero increases your efficiency. It enables you to streamline your processes and reduce margins for error.

It provides you with the flexibility to access your data at any time, anywhere and on any device. In addition to this, you will have an up-to-date real-time view of the financial position of your business. This ensures all your business information is secure and stored in one place, including your calculations for HMRC.

The cloud facilitates a good relationship with us which supports more comfortable discussions about your company. The software is updated live, and as all the data is stored in one place, you don’t have to spend extra time or money in data back-ups. It is also a game-changer for business owners and contractors. It takes away the challenges involved in going through mountains of paperwork and allows you to update your business finances easily.

We utilise its power to manage your business for you. Transitioning to us is easy, and we take care of the process for you, leaving you to focus on your business.

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Accounting Services for Start-Ups

Whether you thinking about starting a business or are in the early stages, a business plan is essential to help you to set realistic goals. With our expertise, we can support you to start, run and grow your business.

Our limited company experts will assess the best formation for your business, whether that is a sole trader, partnership or a limited company. We ensure that you understand the pros and cons of each entity as this will affect your taxation and liability.

Our expert team manage will manage the filing process for sole traders and limited companies. We answer all the necessary questions that are important to understand in the early stages of a venture. We will cover areas such as registering for VAT; corporation tax; how much can you pay yourself monthly; the software to be used and if you qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme relief. We cover these questions and more in our initial consultation.

Small Business Accountancy Services

As well as supporting the start-up process of a business, we ensure that all systems are set up to run efficiently. Using our process reengineering expertise, we implement a cost-effective and efficient system for your business. This helps you to make key decisions when reviewing your finances.

Our team specialise in self-assessment tax returns, VAT returns and specialist sector services including property, e-commerce, healthcare, construction and technology.

Our consultancy services include a range of bookkeeping solutions for businesses and contractors. We help you to keep your balance sheet in order and compliant and manage HMRC submissions and investigations.

Medium Sized Business Accounting

The service we offer to medium and larger businesses is more advanced. It is likely that the business will be making a £million plus per year, and need support corporate planning.

Areas that larger companies very often require support with is in corporate restructuring and shareholder planning. We have the expertise to support these areas and the analysis of your business model and processes.  Focusing on the necessary day-to-day management of your business needs is our area of expertise.

Business and Personal Tax Return Services

It is important for business owners to have a tax planning strategy in place to understand the implications of business transactions.

At Finance Equation, we assess the holistic position of your business and implement systems that keep you compliant with HMRC. In addition to this, we support the day to day management and preparation of your statements to ensure compliance.

We manage your financial plan which can impact the amount of income, capital gains, property or inheritance tax you will be paying out. It is one of the most important areas that an individual or business will need to consider.

Property and Landlords Accountants

Owning a second property involves paying different types of income and expenses. The transactions related to rental properties include tenant, property and business income and expenses. All of these need to handled effectively and the assistance of a property specialist can save your business money.

Our property experts have extensive experience in supporting and advising landlords and letting agents. It is our role to manage the submission of management of financial information, management reports and VAT returns.


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I employed The Finance Equation Ltd with one of my companies and found them to be creative problem solvers, commercially astute, technically excellent and importantly they got the job done. Thank you.

– Azeem Ibrahim – Executive Chairman at The Scotland Institute

I have been contracting for some time in the UK and moved to The Finance Equation to do my accounts for my company last year. I have been really impressed with the quality of service, all my questions on tax were answered in an understandable way and they reduced my bill, so I am very happy. Thank you!

– Viktor Todorov

I have been a client for over five years and I am very happy with the service I get from the team, I get real value for money.

– Maan Singh CIS contractor

I have been working with them since 2006, and they have always been able to provide sound and informative recommendations in terms of investments, and ways to move forward my finances. They are straight forward, open, very willing to help, and active in in putting you in contact with other parties to ensure you can reach your goals.

– Christina Murias – Tender consultant and property investor

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With over 30 years of experience, we understand every aspect of providing support to businesses. We’re based in Ilford and provide our expertise to companies throughout London and Essex.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, a property investor, contractor, we have the expertise to support you. If you would like to discuss switching to us, feel free to give us a call to see how we can help you to take your business to the next level.

It is our role to manage all of your business needs. When you work with us, we ensure you receive a dedicated, friendly and professional service.

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