Chartered Certified Accountants in East London

With the advance of technology, the role of the traditional Accountant has evolved from number crunching to a much more value-adding strategic advisory role.  As Chartered Accountants in East London we understand the business and processes behind the numbers and are therefore able to ensure that you not only meet your legal and tax requirements, but in addition, ensure your business is financially healthy.

Who We Are

Accountants East London, We are members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with over 30 years experience of managing accounts for our clients.

What We Do

Whether you are self-employed, a limited liability company or need to file a self-assessment tax return, we have every solution to meet your needs. We provide professional services that range from accounting, payroll, VAT returns, and filing of company accounts on your behalf to Companies House.

Our Popular Services in East London

Accounting Advice

We keep up to date with changes to tax laws and accountancy standards and ensure that we advise our clients on what any changes to these laws or standards will mean for their businesses, as well as give advice on tax efficiency.

Accountancy Services

We provide more than book-keeping services.  Apart from managing your day to day book-keeping tasks, our technology ensures that the month-end close is standardised, automated, seamless, efficient and done in a timely fashion; enabling us not just to report on the numbers but provide in-depth knowledge of what the numbers actually mean for your business.

Payroll Service

We manage payroll by providing weekly or monthly payroll processing – we will adapt to suit your business’ requirements. In addition, we will process the employee and HMRC payments, produce payslips, P60s and P45s where required.

VAT Returns

We provide VAT advice on rates, thresholds and we reconcile your VAT accounts, produce and file returns with the correct payment where required, on your behalf. Our VAT accounting services ensure your accounts are compliant with hmrc requirements.

Self-Assessment Return

We will complete and provide your Self-Assessment return on your behalf ensuring it is accurate and on time as any late submissions can incur a financial penalty with interest added on a daily basis.

Company Accounts

We provide end- of- year company accounts which we will complete and submit for you. This includes completing your financial statements, which are a statutory requirement. These are the balance sheet, profit & loss account, notes to the accounts and a director’s report.

Tax Advice

We provide tax advice and help you minimise your tax liability by analysing your business; not just the numbers, to identify tax efficient savings.

Additional Services

With our automated software packages, we can prepare your month end accounts with accuracy in a speedy manner.  This enables us to provide additional services such as budgeting, forecasting and cashflow management and provide strategic insight to how your business is performing and what can be done now to optimise future performance.

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Why Use Us?

As professional experts and members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, we have the experience and know-how to provide the best  services for your business. You can rest assured that your business is in safe and reliable hands. The benefits for using us is inestimable and far outweigh the cost.

Benefits of Using Our Accountancy Services

Ease Your Administrative Burden

By letting us take care of all your services,  we take the administrative burden from you of meeting the different statutory deadlines for VAT, accounting and payroll.  We take this off your hands so you can concentrate on the core and revenue producing aspects of your business.

Value Added Insight

Gone are the days when month-end reporting took 4 weeks to complete.  By this time the world has moved on and the numbers are out of date, making it difficult for management to use the financial information provided in a meaningful way.  With a faster month-end close, we can spend the extra time assessing the numbers and the processes behind the numbers with the end goal of not just crunching out numbers to meet compliant reporting deadlines, but to promote the financial wholeness  and well-being of your company. Consequently, management will be provided with up to date, real-time information that will aid them in management decision making.

Peace of Mind

By managing the additional administrative burden, providing you with up to date expert advice on tax laws and accounting standards, in addition to giving you value added financial reports, you will have peace of mind as you leave us to deal with the tax man on your behalf. We do all the hard and complicated work so you don’t have to.

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