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Finance Equation are award-winning, ACCA regulated accountants and tax advisors provide cutting-edge services throughout Harlow.

The complexity involved in crunching numbers which are part of running a businesses has become an integral part of any company’s growth. As chartered accountants, we are aware of the hurdles businesses face when you have to meet tax deadlines, bookeeping, self assessment and manageing your accounts. By taking these aspects into account, we manage your legal and tax requirements, while ensuring the financial stability of your business on the whole.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, a self-employed individual or contractor, our tax advisors will ensure that you successfully file your accounts and VAT retrns. It is our role to provide accurate advice to you on how you can maintain your tax efficiency.


Our Popular Accounting Plans

Tax Consultancy
With over twenty five years’ experience of providing complete tax solutions to businesses and contractors, we are experts in saving you money on your tax bill.
Cloud Accounting
Cost effective Cloud / Online accounting services for businesses. We specialise in minimising your tax liability and helping you take control of your finances!
Business Plans
We provide support to create a business development plan to enable you to secure funding for your business. We take the pain out of building your financial data.
Contractor Services
We focus on helping you to cut down on your admin, and ensure that you receive the best advice accountancy and tax to keep more of your hard earned money!
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Work With Us

At Finance Equation, we focus on delivering a friendly and professional service to businesses and contractors in Harlow. We take care of the daily management of your accounting needs leaving you to focus on your business.

Our team of experts in various have the capabilities to provide the almost impenetrable accountancy services, according to your business needs. To put it in hindsight, our services go deeper into the complexity of numbers, irrespective of whether you are part of a booming business or just self-employed. Our solutions include:

  • Accounting Services: We are much more than bookkeepers; we are the accountants who will maintain your daily account transactions with our seamless cloud accounting technology. We will maintain deadlines and prepare timely reports; while commenting on how the recorded numbers will help your business.
  • Tax Advice: Tax advice is our major area of work; where our experts create strategies to improve your overall tax liability. Furthermore, we will ensure procedures that will help you to prepare tax-efficient savings.
  • Company Accounts: Maintaining your company accounts will be dealt with efficiently and soundly, by preparing financial statements and balance sheets. Whereas, we will ensure to record your monthly, if not daily profit-loss variation and create reports on them.
  • Payroll Services: Managing payroll is a headache on its own, especially if you have hundreds of employees. Our designated team will ensure that the payroll system of your organisation is executed effectively, by devising practices that will cater to your organisation’s infrastructure.

With over 20 years experience, we love working with businesses that want to grow! If you have an 18 month plus track record of growing your business, and turnover in excess of £90k we can also help you to acquire funding for your next growth phase.

About Us

Taking care of your financial needs doesn not have to be a chore. We can help you maximise your income, cut down on complicated paperwork and forms and ensure that your finances stay on track, and in the black.

First and foremost, we provide professional services locally in Harlow, so that you do not have to search for any other accounting firms. We have the knowledge and the experience to provide you with the best possible accountancy service in Harlow.

Your business will have a reliable ally as our services far exceed our costs. Our tax advisors will pre-emptively guide you through the hefty tax-paying procedures. We ensure your peace of mind, while you allow us to deal with your accounts and tax issues, leaving you to generate revenue from your business.


I employed The Finance Equation Ltd with one of my companies and found them to be creative problem solvers, commercially astute, technically excellent and importantly they got the job done. Thank you.

– Azeem Ibrahim – Executive Chairman at The Scotland Institute

I have been contracting for some time in the UK. I moved to The Finance Equation to do my accounts and tax for my company last year. I have been really impressed with the quality of service, all my questions on tax and accounting where answered in an understandable way and they reduced my tax bill, so I am very happy. Thank you!

– Viktor Todorov

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