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Property investors Tax update

Property investors Tax update   Rishi Sunak’s summer statement has great news for property investors tax. SDLT on residential property up to £500,000 in value will be scrapped till 31st March 2021.   Residential Rates on Purchases from 8 July

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Coronavirus Business Interruption Scheme Summary

Coronavirus business interruption scheme summary:- you can get further information here. 1. Loan from £25,001 to £5m 2. Terms from 1-6yr 3. No interest for 12mths 4. Capital repayment holiday for 12mths, so some businesses wont have to pay anything

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Capital Gains Tax Rule Changes

Major change in capital gains tax rules for landlords On 6th April 2020 capital gains tax rules change and landlords will now have just 30 days to pay any capital gains tax due. Prior to 6th April 2020 if you

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Management accounts, are they a waste of time?

The value of Management accounts is often something that small business owners don’t understand and therefore don’t implement. Most small business owners are only interested in submitting their end of year accounts so that they can pay taxes.   A

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Tax Return Accountant Service

 Finance Equation Ltd provide a tax return accountant service.  Self Assessment Tax Return Service. Get It Done In Time To Allow For Tax Planning & Help Us Save You Money.   The following government website gives you an introduction and

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Residential Buy-to-let and VAT

Residential buy-to-let are VAT exempt. Which means VAT can’t be charged on rents. It also means that VAT can’t be reclaimed on expenses, repair costs, agents fee’s etc. The assumption therefore is that residential landlords can ignore VAT. But this

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Business growth through the finance function

A finance function in a life style business is likely to only need basic tax and compliance advice. In recent years there has been a mushroom of entrepreneurs setting up life style business. The aim of life style business is to provide

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​Tax havens and tax transparency

​  Following from the Panama papers leak a number of EU countries and British crown dependencies (tax havens) have agreed to adopt a call for international tax transparency in an attempt to crackdown on tax evasion. Germany, France, Italy, Spain

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Elizabeth Ramsey Vs HMRC [2013] and clause 24

Elizabeth Ramsey Vs HMRC case has particular implications for property investors who hold residential property in their personal names. The case provides a way for investors to mitigate the tax implications of clause 24, by allowing them to transfer their

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Business Planning / Budgeting – Getting it right

Business planning. This blog is a general discussion on budgeting. At the end is a link to a detailed approach for those interested.The yearly business planning / budgeting process is often dreaded by senior managers in a business. There are

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