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How to find capital for your business needs

How to find capital for your business needs If you are a business owner keen to take your business to the next level, you may have found that the growth you want needs extra capital to fuel it. However, accessing

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Business Planning & Implementation

Business Planning and Strategy Implementation A formal business strategy is the key to fulfilling your company’s potential. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, but with a comprehensive business plan in place, your business is in the best position

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Profit Improvement Strategies

Profit Improvement Strategies – Why It’s Important? Profit as a concept is easy to understand, finding profit improvement strategies may not be but are essential for business survival and growth. If entrepreneurs and business owners do not understand how the

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HMRC given additional powers to collect more tax

HMRC Additional Powers to Collect More Tax HMRC have recently been given new powers to access taxpayer information. This relates to anyone who may have offshore bank accounts or assets. HMRC are now issuing what is called “nudge letter” to

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COVID-19: government support for individuals and businesses

COVID-19: government support for individuals and businesses The UK Government has announced a number of schemes over the period of time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the UK business community.

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CGT changes – impact on property investors

Capital Gains Tax changes impact on property investors In July 2020 the chancellor Rishi Sunak wrote to the office of tax simplification asking them to do a review on Capital Gains Tax (CGT). The consensus amongst property and tax experts

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Property Investors Tax update

Property Investors Tax Update   Rishi Sunak’s summer statement has great news for property investors tax. SDLT on residential property up to £500,000 in value will be scrapped till 31st March 2021.   Residential Rates on Purchases from 8 July

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Coronavirus Business Interruption Scheme Summary

Coronavirus Business Interruption Scheme Coronavirus business interruption scheme summary:- you can get further information here. 1. Loan from £25,001 to £5m 2. Terms from 1-6yr 3. No interest for 12mths 4. Capital repayment holiday for 12mths, so some businesses wont

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Capital Gains Tax Rule Changes

Major change in capital gains tax rules for landlords On 6th April 2020 capital gains tax rules change and landlords will now have just 30 days to pay any capital gains tax due. Prior to 6th April 2020 if you

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Management accounts, are they a waste of time?

The Value of Management Accounts The value of Management accounts is often something that small business owners don’t understand and therefore don’t implement. Most small business owners are only interested in submitting their end of year accounts so that they

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