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Profit Improvement Strategies

Profit Improvement Strategies – Why It’s Important? Profit as a concept is easy to understand, finding profit improvement strategies may not be but are essential for business survival and growth. If entrepreneurs and business owners do not understand how the

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Commercial Debt Management – Using the Law Effectively

Commercial Debt Management Commercial Debt management on late payment or non-payment of commercial debts can be managed by using the law effectively. The late payment of commercial debts (interest) act 1998 can be used to compensate creditors for late payment

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Risk Management for Business

Risk Management for Business Owners Risk management is important for every business. Every business will face risks that could affect their success. Often the approach of an entrepreneur is to get things done quickly. A Quick Start approach. This can

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Business Planning and Budgeting – Getting it right

Business Planning and Budgeting Business planning. This blog is a general discussion on budgeting. At the end is a link to a detailed approach for those interested.The yearly business planning / budgeting process is often dreaded by senior managers in

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Growth Funding for Small to Medium Businesses

Growth Funding for Small to Medium Businesses If your business is based in England and your looking for funds to grow your business and unable to get the amount you need from banks or competitive rates then we could help

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Are you a new Start-up? – Accounting/bookkeeping start up tips

Accounting and Bookkeeping tips for Start Ups Having been involved in a number of start-ups myself with varying degrees of success and failure, yes you can fail in business too, I know from first-hand experience that resources can be very

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