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HMRC given additional powers allowing them to collect more tax

HMRC Additional Powers to Collect More Tax HMRC have recently been given new powers to access taxpayer information. This relates to anyone who may have offshore bank accounts or assets. HMRC are now issuing what is called “nudge letter” to

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COVID-19: government support for individuals/businesses

COVID-19: government support for individuals and businesses The UK Government has announced a number of schemes over the period of time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the UK business community.

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CGT changes – impact on property investors

Capital Gains Tax changes impact on property investors In July 2020 the chancellor Rishi Sunak wrote to the office of tax simplification asking them to do a review on Capital Gains Tax (CGT). The consensus amongst property and tax experts

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Property Investors Tax update

Property Investors Tax Update   Rishi Sunak’s summer statement has great news for property investors tax. SDLT on residential property up to £500,000 in value will be scrapped till 31st March 2021.   Residential Rates on Purchases from 8 July

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HMRC Credit Card Changes – What To Do About It

HMRC Credit Card Changes As of 31st January 2018 HMRC credit card changes come into effect. That means you can no longer use your credit card to pay for income tax, NI or VAT. However, debit cards and corporate credit

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Startup Cloud Accountants – 1st Year FOCUS

Startup Cloud Accountants Startup cloud accountants realise that startups can be real hard work. Particularly if you don’t have funding. Lack of human resource and funding means that those involved in a start-up are likely to take on different roles

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Business growth through the finance function

Business Growth and Financing A finance function in a life style business is likely to only need basic tax and compliance advice. In recent years there has been a mushroom of entrepreneurs setting up life style business. The aim of life style

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Business Debt & Interest Hikes – Be prepared

How to Prepare for Business Debt & Interest Hikes? Figures realised recently by R3 the Association of business recovery professionals indicate that businesses in the UK are getting stronger. The number of companies that just pay interest on their debts

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Cash Management – Getting it Right

Cash Management – Getting it Right Cash Management.  Unless you have a business which operates purely on a cash basis, you will have debtors. These are customers who owe you money after you have delivered goods or services. When this

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The Dividend tax, how it might affect your take home pay

How Dividend Tax Changes May affect your Take Home Pay Dividend tax changes are considered an attack on business and risk taking. Even if the risk is that you are a contractor working via a limited company. For decades having a

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