Business Growth Finance

We know that timely access to business growth finance can be make or break for business success. During times of quick growth you can find that your debtor’s book increases dramatically. Putting massive pressure on your cash flow. And your ability to pay your bills as they fall due. We have direct relationships with business growth lenders. Helping you achieve your growth objectives. This means we can help you get your process right. Improve your business growth plan. Ensure you have the best management information systems to successfully get your funding. Our lenders like it when business use cloud accounting to manage their business.Business growth finance

At Finance Equation, we specialise in two type of funding for business. Limited companies preferred:

Business turnover in excess of £90k with the following in place:
  • You will need to have a strong business plan.
  • A trading history of at least 18 months.
  • All sectors considered.
  • A sales growth trend over your trading history.
  • In some cases businesses will be considered with no trading history if they have a strong business plan.
Lending term can be from:
  • 12 months to 6 years repayment terms.
  • 80% of your average monthly sales.
  • Or a simple term loan based on your ability to pay.
  • Interest rates start from 8% depending on your risk profile.
  • Lending can be interest only or repayment basis.
Business turnover in excess of £1.2m with an average debtor book in excess of £100k Product unique features:
  • Term loans of up to 36 months with repayments and interest agreed upfront.
  • Lending based on the quality of your customers within your accounts receivable.
  • No personal guarantees.
  • All monies held in borrowers account.
  • Loans up to 80% of your accounts receivable.
  • borrowers retain full control over their debtors.
  • Credit insurance and security taken against accounts receivable.
  • Loan interest from 7%-8.75%.

We love to hear from new clients to support their funding, if you would like a call back, please complete our contact form and one of our qualified accountants will be in touch.