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Developing business plans can be a challenging experience for many companies. They are a necessity if you are planning to access funding for your next venture, and it is essential to give yourself every opportunity for success with a convincing case.

Having an organised proposal means your business is far more likely to be successful. Having carefully thought out plans from the start of your journey means you are far more likely to be prosperous.

Every company needs excellent strategy as regularly updated plans with new activity means that you will be financially prepared for any eventuality.

There are several routes to creating sound plan. Firstly several software packages can support the process.  They ask you the important questions that you may not have thought about.

The research element and the figures are often the most challenging aspect. It can take months if you haven’t got a clear view of your market, customers, suppliers, finance and marketing. It can be challenging to try to convince professional groups that you know what you are doing with like banks, investors and partners and support with this process is essential.

Finance Equation are experts in planning as we can help you prepare a substantial document that meets your every need, whether it is for in-house use or external crowd-funding.

As experienced accountants and tax advisors, we can help to ensure that your proposal takes your financial targets into consideration.

If we are already working with you on your taxes and accounting needs, then working with us on your proposal means we’ll have a deeper understanding of your targets.

We also carry out regular reviews of your business overall. This enables us to track market trends, check out your competition and ensure your processes meet every challenge from your customers to your critics.


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Business Plan Proposal Questions

Current statistics state that 80% of start-ups fail within 24 months. A 20% success rate is very low and it all starts with how well you manage the planing of your busienss. It is very important to be clear before you discuss your business with professional bodies. Examples of questions to review with your accountant include:

– What your current average monthly projects sales?

– What your current average monthly labour costs?

– What your current average monthly fixed expenses are?

– What your current average monthly variable expenses are?

– What your average number of transactions per customer per month are?

– What your average dollar sale per transaction is?

– What your average monthly profit is?

– What your average monthly profit margin is?

– What % capacity your business is at?

– How much are you going to pay yourself, and when can you start?

– How far in the future do you want to plan ahead?

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At Finance Equation, we have over 30 years’ experience in helping businesses from start up to medium-sized companies. We support the data gathering process, work on the financials and ensure that your company is set up to succeed.