Commercial Property Finance

At the Finance Equation we take care of all your commercial property finance needs. We have relationships directly with lenders and can get you a decision in principal within 24 hours. Our lenders provide competitive rates with loan to value, LTV, of up to 70%. In some cases if you have additional security we can provide you will 100% finance for your property acquisitions.

property financeYou are likely to get the best interest rates if you have an excellent credit rating and have the right experience and track record. On your first financing arrangement with a new lender you are likely to pay a slightly higher rate of interest. However this will reduce on further lending with the same lender. All our commercial finance lenders are happy to lend to Limited companies and LLP partnerships. Commercial lending and financing can take anything up to eight weeks. It all depends on how quickly you provide the lender with the information they ask for.

We can help you get funding for the following:

  • Moderate adverse credit rating
  • Limited companies and personal names
  • Commercial property acquisitions
  • HMO’s
  • Development finance
  • Property purchase at auction
  • Bridging finance
  • Stock purchase
  • Business asset purchase
  • We can even help you finance your year-end tax bill or your quarterly VAT bill.

We can finance anything above £100,000 for bridging finance. If you are looking for long term commercial finance then for the majority of cases we provide finance above £500,000, however if you can show that you can do future deals we can fund below £500,000. To get the best rates of interest and LTV you would need to have a perfect credit rating and a strong track record of completing property deals. Some commercial transactions can only be funded at 50% LTV e.g. A4 permissions, if A4 usage is purchased for conversion to flats or redevelopment then a higher LTV can be achieved.

We provide professional commercial and business finance services throughout London and Essex.

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