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The construction industry has seen quite a lot of turmoil since 2009, however the industry does seem to be showing some green shoots of late. There is considerable support by the UK government to encourage development, no doubt due to the huge short fall in housing in the UK, specifically London and southern England. The government has set aside a number of £billions in various forms for the construction sector primarily aimed at house building.

Our construction accountants can help you find appropriate funding. The following website looks at the year ahead.

Area’s in which we can assist you and your business include:

  • CIS registration and reporting
  • VAT compliance and advice dealing with complexities arising from varying rates on different types of work
  • Corporation tax planning & compliance
  • Tax advice in the areas of PAYE, National Insurance and SDLT
  • Cloud accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Commercial property finance
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Remuneration planning for key employees and owner-managers
  • Strategic planning and advice on cash management

How can we help you?

At Finance Equation we are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses and keep more of their money. We can help you manage your overall tax position, ensure that you comply with CIS legislation, accounting and funding your construction projects.

We love to hear from new clients, if you would like a call back, please complete our contact form and one of our qualified accountants will be in touch.

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