Property Cloud Accountants – Landlords

Property cloud accountants Finance Equation Ltd are ProAdvisors with Xero and QuickBooks. Both of which are leaders in their field. We serve clients all over London, Essex, East London and beyond. Cloud accounting is the future. Over the coming years

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Risk Management for business

Risk management is important for every business. Every business will face risks that could affect their success. Often the approach of an entrepreneur is to get things done quickly. A Quick Start approach. This can mean that some risks are

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Clause 24 Solutions – Property tax

Clause 24 solutions do exist. I have written two previous blogs on Clause 24 solutions. The first one can be found by clicking this LINK and the second HERE. The main components of clause 24 affecting the residential landlord are: Removal

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Startup Cloud Accountants – 1st Year FOCUS

Startup cloud accountants realise that startups can be real hard work. Particularly if you don’t have funding. Lack of human resource and funding means that those involved in a start-up are likely to take on different roles while they get

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Business growth through the finance function

A finance function in a life style business is likely to only need basic tax and compliance advice. In recent years there has been a mushroom of entrepreneurs setting up life style business. The aim of life style business is to provide

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​Tax Havens and Tax Transparency

​  Following from the Panama papers leak a number of EU countries and British crown dependencies (tax havens) have agreed to adopt a call for international tax transparency in an attempt to crackdown on tax evasion. Germany, France, Italy, Spain

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Elizabeth Ramsey Vs HMRC [2013] and clause 24

Elizabeth Ramsey Vs HMRC case has particular implications for property investors who hold residential property in their personal names. The case provides a way for investors to mitigate the tax implications of clause 24, by allowing them to transfer their

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Business Planning and Budgeting – Getting it right

Business planning. This blog is a general discussion on budgeting. At the end is a link to a detailed approach for those interested.The yearly business planning / budgeting process is often dreaded by senior managers in a business. There are

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Using a SSAS – Residential property

A Small Self-Administered Scheme is a particular type of pension scheme often used by business owners to save for their retirement, the scheme normally gives greater control of the use and investment of monies than other retirement vehicles. A SSAS

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Choosing the right Accounting Software

If you are thinking of investing money in a new finance/accounting software then this article is designed to help you ask the right questions before you buy. The global market place and technological advancements mean that business have to be

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