Guides For Cloud Accounting

The following links will help you if you are looking to go into business for yourself. The links provide starter information on how to keep records, tax, writing business plans etc.

Self Employment

This government link walks you through what counts as self-employment and other issues you need to consider

Setting up in business

The follow government link walks you through a number of issues you should consider when setting up in business for yourself. Business tax – self-employment.

Limited Companies

This link helps you understand what a limited company is and the types of companies you can chose to operate, shows you how you can set up limited company, your legal responsibilities when operating a limited company as well as your company tax responsibilities

Keeping Records

The following link is to a Finance Equation blog which provides advice on book keeping and accounts for the start up businesses. Its aim is to help business owners reduce the stress of admin, help them keep records that reduces their time on admin and helps them focus on doing what they are good at in their business.

Writing Business Plans

This Barclays bank link shows you how to write a successful business plan with a view to help you get bank funding. Producing a business plan is an essential step in getting you to understand your business and helping you to focus on getting results for your business growth.

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