Healthcare Accountants in London and Essex

Finance Equation are award-winning Healthcare Accountants. We have locums and consultants world-wide and many of our clients we have never meet face to face. We offer a service compatible with the working environment of the modern world. Our clients are on the move constantly. We offer our clients cloud accounting solutions which means they have access to financial information on the go. We offer our clients proactive tax reduction advise so that they get to keep more of their hard earned money.


Healthcare has seen a lot of talk of privatisation and there seems to be a greater trend for healthcare professionals to be more entrepreneurial even if that means that doctors, nurses or opticians enter into self-employed/contractor/ or locum engagements. With the changing environment also comes a change in regulations, which we can help you to manage.  As healthcare accountants we love taking care of the figures so you can concentrate on your business.

We Provide Accounting Services for Opticians, Doctors, Nurses, Locums,Vets and Dentists

We are able to assist you in the following areas for your business:

  • Overall tax solutions that ensure you get to keep the maximum amount of your money.
  • Pension planning.
  • Accounting on the cloud.
  • Systems that reduce your admin time.
  • Assist in getting a mortgage either for main residence or BTL.
  • All VAT issues.
  • Monthly management reports.
  • Outsourcing.

How can we help you?

At the Finance Equation we are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses and keep more of their money. We can help you manage your overall tax position, ensure that you comply with the complexities of operating in the healthcare sector. Contact us for an in depth discussion on your specific circumstances.

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