Self-Assessment Tax Return

A Self Assessment Tax Return is required by anyone who is a self-employed, whether you are a contractor or registered as a limited company. It is one of the most significant documents that your business will need to complete, and if not completed correctly it can have an impact on the revenue of your business.

The process can often appear to be complicated and many business owners and contractors often require support through the process. Our team have the expertise to manage this process for you.

The Tax return process involves registering for a self assessment on the registration page. Once you are registered you will receive a gateway ID which will allow you to set up a personal tax account and file your self assessment tax return. The deadline for the paper tax return is 31 October 2019 and for online tax returns it is 21 January 2020.

If you have to complete a self-assessment tax return then the first step is to compile all the necessary records. You can start this process by using a tax return file which will include bank statements, records of investments and investment transactions, and employment records including payroll and expenses. If you are self employed then you will also need your business accounts.

At Finance Equation, we can make your self assessment process as stress free as possible. Our Chartered Certified Accountants manage complications that can arise from completing a tax return and will take care of your submission.

We have won numerous awards for the excellence we provide to our clients for this service and are commited to doing the same for your business.




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