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Finance equation Ltd property accountants. The UK property sector has grown rapidly over the last 15 years. Giving rise for the need of good quality accounting and taxation services for Landlords. Developers. Property investors. Companies. Letting agents and overseas investors.

With the changes in property tax brought in by clause 24 its essential that property businesses plan ahead. Saving themselves a lot of headache and money along the way. Depending on your circumstances there are ways to mitigate these changes. Lenders are now increasingly looking to tighten their lending criteria and covenants. Particularly in the area of timely reporting. It is important therefore that you keep timely and accurate records for your business. The Telegraph have produced a calculator which you may find useful.

Our specialist team of UK property accountants can help you with your planning, including Inheritance Tax planning, Regulatory requirements and accounting to get you the best returns possible.

Some considerations:

  • Do you need commercial property finance?
  • Do you have issues with you current lenders?
  • Have you considered the impact of clause 24 on your personal circumstances?
  • Should your business be taxed in a corporate or personal structure?
  • What is the most efficient taxation structure for you?
  • Do you have a requirement for component accounting?
  • Are you dealing with service charges properly and in compliance with legislation?
  • Do you need to report in a timely manner to lenders?
  • Have you considered planning for IHT?

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How can we help you?

At the Finance Equation we are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses. And keep more of their money. We can help you manage your overall taxation position. Areas included ensuring that you comply with lender covenants, Business plans, Management Accounting using the Cloud, help you manage your cash flow and comply with legislation relating to property. We can also help you secure commercial property finance for acquisitions.

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